Our Skills

D.A.G. 26, experience our eXpertise in your core business


Core Team

D.A.G. 26 is the meeting of specialists in artificial intelligence, finance and business world. Their constant concern is to provide the best answer to a problem encountered.

“Each non-eXploited data is a gold nugget not extracted.”

Thanks to a large eXperience acquired in various financial areas, we have developed many predictive models or classifications models, particularly in the sharp field of stockes exchanges, thus helping to automated or assisted decision-making in real time, based on scoring system driven by deep learning and/or machine learning.

We intervene upstream of your project as well as in its different phases of development until launch.

We offer agile, inclusive, end-to-end or customized solutions built around your use cases or uses stories.

We are at the middle of a successful ecosystem that allows us to find solutions in an agile way for our customers.

Company Development Expert.
16 years of experience. Has created, developed and directed companies (up to 70 million turnover) in electronics, electro-domestic products, 3d-oriented medical printing. Has resold some companies successfully to large groups (as Auchan)
Today puts his experience at the service of his passion for new technologies and innovations.

Billy Buzeau

Co-Founder - CEO

5 years of experience in fundamental and applied Neurosciences research and in polymer chemistry (CNRS – INSERM). Co-author of a patent, was charged by the CNRS with its valorisation through a spin-off.
15 years of experience in the development of companies in the field of medical informatics and medical technologies.
Datascientist – Head of Artificial Intelligence

Jerome Soussand

Co-Founder - COO

PhD in Finance – Sorbonne university.  20 years experience in trading. Hedge fund manager in futures, stocks, options, Fx. Focused in algo trading development since 5 years.



Stephane Benichou

Partner - Head of trading

Blockchain & AI Architecture
15 years of experience
Expert in web technologies and cryptomonnaies
10 years of startup coaching as CTO
Have just crafted the goods traceability’s Blockchain for Carrefour Group

Alex H.


19 years of experience in the digital sector of cultural media
Realization of graphic / artistic designs – Management of digital projects.
During the last 5 years, co-creation and development of two pure media media (+ apps) specialized in the field of art: L’Oeil de la Photographie (1st French site and 5th world site on photography) and Mowwgli (Francophone site on art and lifestyle).

Ericka W.

Digital Art Director

Data scientist

18 years of experience

Machine Learning (6 years, top international banks / online merchants)

Image/Video Processing (12 years, lots of medical imaging)


Fabien L.

Data Scientist

12 years of experience

Cloud  & BlockChain Solutions Architect with heavy immersion in all AWS technologies. Over a decade developing and practicing modern DevOps techniques.

Radouane K.

DevOps & Web Engineer

Expert web and continuous integration (Betclic).

11 years of experience

He is used to managing projects with high volume. Expert in automated test and quality on critical applications, he is the creator of the real-time monitoring system for an air traffic controllers (ADP).

David H.

Blockchain Dev & Web Architecture

BlockChain – Security Expert

10 years of experience

 Renaud has been working for over the major players in online payment. Technical Director of a major French Fintech, he is today a recognized expert on issues related to security, high availability and high volumetrics.

Renaud M.

Security - Interop & Blockchain

Confirmed Developper

10 years of experience in the blockchain.

Engineer in computer development. Project director within a major Fintech, he has mastered project management and team animation. He is also an expert in web and mobile technologies.

Laurent A.

BlockChain Dev & Web Dev

UX Designer

10 years of experience

UX-designer/Product Designer and Project Manager with 8 years of experience in UX, Marketing and Strategy in leading agencies.

 5 years of experience in User experience design and Project Management.

Alexis D.

UX Designer

Communication, social engineering

8 years of experience.

Specialist in social media and new communication techniques. Relaying for public relations. Technology watch

Hervé G.

Communication Management

External Team

We are at the middle of a successful ecosystem that allows us to find solutions in an agile way for our customers.