Our Offers

Strategic - Inclusive - Agile - Talent Developer : D.A.G. 26 crafts your project


Insight – Outsight

Be trained in Artificial Intelligence by one of our experts. Single or group trainings, from early beginners up to High Level Classes.

Our experts will provide you the needed tools to understand and/or realize your project.

Join the future now! And build with us tomorrow’s landscape.


Strategy – Scoping – Use Cases – MVP – PoC – We help you build your project

We will help you to establish precise specifications, framed, and realistic, to allow the project to come to an economic reality, with different milestones (Minimum Viable Product, Proof of Concept) which will agilely bring the project to its realization by limiting the risks and the financial losses.


Make your idea becomes real.
Do you need to develop your own machine learning module, your PoC or your MVP? We are here to concretize your project. We will craft your project (end-to-end, or part of it) to make it real. We know how to do it and have experience to guide you step by step, and make you avoid traps.

We have the right answer to your needs and we will respect your specifications, or the one we would have established together before.


Thanks to a large eXperience acquired in various financial areas, we have developed many predictive models or classifications models, particularly in the sharp field of stocks exchanges, thus helping to automated or assisted decisionmaking in real time, based on scoring system driven by deep learning and/or machine learning.